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Choose your Phuket Dive Centre carefully

Recommended Phuket dive centresIf you are coming to Phuket to do a PADI dive master course it is important to understand that not all DM programs are created equally.

Do your DM course through a large PADI Dive Centre that teaches courses every day and that teaches all levels of courses. You will get more experience this way. Don’t do a course with a freelance PADI Instructor who you met in a bar and seems like a nice guy as you’ll only get to dive when he gets work, and even then you might have to pay extra to get on the boat.

Do your DM course with a dive centre that has it’s own boat going out every day of the week to all Phuket’s dive sites. Again, this is so you get the best experience. After the course you will need to know all the dive sites if you want to get work.

Do your DM course with a dive centre that has a beach location so that you can do shore dives as well as boat dives.

Do your Divemaster course with a dive centre that has a dive store, an equipment store, a retail shop, a nitrox blending system, a first aid kit. Don’t do you course with a back street operator or an instructor who works for home, you won’t learn the business that way.

Do your DM course with a busy dive centre that has many other staff and many other trainees. You will build a better network that will stand you in good stead after the course and make it easier for you to find work.

Ask us for our recommendations.


Before participating in any PADI course or program, all divers must complete the PADI medical statement.

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