Open Water Course Phuket

The Open Water course is the most popular learn to dive course in the World.

In 3 days you can be qualified to dive independently. The course includes knowledge development, skills training in the pool and 4 open water dives. You can learn as part of a group or privately on a one to one basis.

Courses are taught with the latest materials, new dive equipment, modern facilities and safe boats.

  • Open Water Course PhuketOpen Water course Phuket
    3 days (5-6 dives)
  • Open Water referral
    2 days (4-6 dives)
    13,000 baht
  • SCUBA Diver course Phuket
    2 days (2-3 dives)
    11,000 baht

Open Water course pre-requisites:
Minimum 15 years of age (10 for Junior diver certification)

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SCUBA Diver Course

The Scuba Diver course is basically half an Open Water Diver course. Most people get SCUBA Diver certified if they do not have time to complete the full Open Water cert. If you have 3 days to spare we generally recommend that you take the full Open Water course but the Scuba Diver course is useful if you are short of time because it only requires 2 days (one day classroom and pool plus one day on the boat). The Scuba Diver course can be upgraded to the full Open Water certification at a later date

A Scuba Diver card allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres under divemaster supervision.

Group instruction or private instruction?

There are some advantages to doing a private course

  • Less time in the classroom. Fewer students means fewer questions, fewer quiz mistakes an so on.
  • You get more time in the pool to practice each skill. Your instructor has to watch everyone complete each skill before he can move on to the next skill. With group courses you have to sit and watch while other students are practicing. With a private course you get to practice more yourself.
  • There is less peer pressure. With a private course you go at your pace. No one can slow you down and you can’t slow anyone else down.
  • Longer dives. On group courses most of the dive is spent practicing the skills of all students. On private courses the skills are completed quickly, then you can enjoy the marine life. You only surface when your own air runs low, not when someone else’s does.
  • Your instructor can focus on making you a better diver. With fewer students to watch over your instructor can dedicate himself to you.



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