Nitrox Course Phuket

Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Course

Nitrox or Enriched air is the most useful specialty course that you can do. By increasing the percentage of Oxygen in your tank (and therefore reducing the amount of Nitrogen) you extend your bottom time.

This adds a new variable to your dive planning and in dive management. It’s not complicated but there are new safety considerations particularly related to equipment and breathing a higher percentage of oxygen under pressure. All is explained on the course.

With the Nitrox cert card you can buy nitrox fills at dive centres and on dive boats. We highly recommend this course for all divers.

For the Phuket PADI Nitrox Diver course you can choose to dive at Racha Yai Island, Racha Noi Island, Shark Point, the King Cruiser Wreck, Anemone Reef or the Phi Phi Islands.

  • Enriched Air Nitrox course, 1 day (2-3 dives), from 8,900 baht

Included in the course price:
Training materials, rental dive equipment, light breakfast, lunch, snacks and soft drinks on the dive boat, certification fee, return hotel transfers from Phuket main beach hotels.

Pre-requisites of the Nitrox course:
Open water (or equivalent) certified diver.
Minimum 12 years of age.



Nitrox course on a liveaboard

The Nitrox Diver course can be done on most Similan liveaboards (the ones with Nitrox filling systems on them:)
Doing your Nitrox course in combination with a liveaboard is cheaper. Nitrox is also ideally suited to liveaboard diving where you do multiple dives over multiple days.

Why dive nitrox?

Most dives are done in relatively shallow depths (above 30 metres) which are ideally suited to diving nitrox. Breathing Nitrox means that you absorb less nitrogen into your tissues. So you can either extend your bottom time on each dive (if your air consumption will allow it) or you can dive for the same length of time but surface with less nitrogen absorption. In theory this is safer. Especially for older and/or less physically fit divers. Many divers also claim that diving nitrox leaves them less tired after diving.

Nitrox is especially popular on resorts and liveaboards where multiple dives over multiple day is the norm.

In many countries Nitrox fills are now offered at no extra charge to nitrox certified divers.