Rescue Diver Course Phuket

The PADI Rescue course covers some serious subject matter but is still designed to be enjoyable. This course is where you develop your diving skills beyond just considering yourself underwater to thinking about how you can help your buddy underwater should an accident situation occur.

Most newly certified Rescue divers state that this course is the most challenging and the most rewarding.

  • PADI Rescue Diver course 3 days 18,000 baht
  • PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) 1 day 8,500 baht

Pre-requisites of the PADI Rescue course:
PADI Adventure (or equivalent) certified diver.
Minimum 12 years of age.
Training for first aid and CPR within the previous two years (Emergency First Response course)
Completed PADI medical statement.

What to expect with the PADI Rescue Dive course

DAN Emergency Oxygen Provider course Phuket

The Rescue course is split into 5 academic sessions and 12 open water training sessions. During these sessions you will be taught ways to deal with a variety of dangerous scenarios such as out of air diver, lost diver, unconscious diver, panicked diver and much more.

The Rescue course emphasizes that there is often more than one way to solve a problem and encourages problem solving by setting up roll playing scenarios to closely mimic real life emergencies. Trainees will get to play both victim and rescuer in these scenarios.


Skills will take place on shore, on the surface and underwater. Situations will depend on the environment where the course takes place and make use of all available resources.


PADI’s Emergency First Response course is a prerequisite of Rescue Diver certification and teaches a basic understanding of first air and CPR.


The course is designed to give students the confidence to provide medical assistance should the need arise. Although the course will be taught by a PADI Instructor and will obviously have an emphasis to diving accidents the first aid skills learned apply to all walks of life.

DAN Emergency Oxygen Provider

Less than 33% of injured divers receive emergency Oxygen in the field and most of those don’t receive 100% oxygen. All training agencies recommend that divers are trained on giving emergency O2. This course could really save a life!

The emergency oxygen provider course represents an entry level qualification in the identification and treatment of diving related injuries. Early use of oxygen while waiting for evacuation to a medical facility is nearly always beneficial in diving related injuries.

The course will teach divers to identify scuba related injuries such as near drowning and decompression illness (air embolism and decompression sickness).

Students must demonstrate proper assembly, dis-assembly and deployment of the oxygen unit. This includes use of the demand inhalator valve/mask, constant flow (15ml/m oxygen), non-re breather mask and oronasal resuscitation mask with supplemental oxygen inlet.

Students will also be taught the risks involved in handling 100% oxygen.