Anemone Reef

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Anemone Reef Phuket dive siteAnemone Reef is located east of Phuket half way towards Phi Phi Islands and is only about 500m away from Shark Point. The submerged rocky pinnacle starts at 5m below the surface and drops down to 25m. The dive sites name derives from the thousands of anemones that cover the rock.

It is a spectacular dive, one of the most colourful Phuket dive sites, with green, white and bright blue anemones squeezed in together, all home to clown fish. You can find many different types of clown fish including Clarks, pink, tomato anemone fish and the famous western clown fish (Nemo). You will also see porcelain crabs on the edges of carpet anemones and anemone shrimps as well. Damsel fish and anthias add more colour to the scene. The highest concentration of anemones is on the top of the rock where the light is brightest and some divers, particularly underwater photographers never get further than here because it’s so amazing.

Divers normally descent to the bottom of the reef and work their way up to safety stop level by the end of the dive. Anemone reef is in open sea and sometimes subject to strong currents so if circling the rock isn’t possible divers zigzag their way up the sheltered side instead. Leopard sharks can usually be found at the base of the rock sleeping in the sandy patches.

The earlier in the morning that you dive Anemone Reef, the better your chance of seeing sharks before other divers scare them away. Hawksbill turtles are also frequently seen. The pinnacle is not only covered in anemones. Deeper down are hard and soft corals, lots of sea fans and huge barrel sponges. Look in sea fans and in rocky crevices for yellow tiger tail seahorse and harlequin ghost pipefish. You are sure to find boxer shrimps and hinge beak shrimps.

Moray eels poke out from cracks, especially white eyed morays but also yellow edged, honeycomb, giant and zebra morays. Lion fish abound on anemone reef as do scorpion fish. There are also banded sea snakes.

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