Shark Point

Phuket dive site

Shark Point dive siteLocated 25km east of Phuket, half way by boat to Phi Phi is a small rocky outcrop called Hin Musang in Thai but more commonly referred to as Shark Point because of the likelihood of seeing leopard sharks here.

Shark Point is made up of three main rocks plus four more smaller rocks that run in a north south direction. Divers normally visit the first two rocks only.

Phuket Shark Point 1 is the largest and most northerly rock and the only one that breaks the surface of the water. Shark Point 2 is about 20m away across a sandy bottom at 18m depth in a southerly direction. When currents are strong there is always shelter somewhere between the islands.

The rocks are completely covered in soft corals, anemones, barrel sponges and sea fans making Shark Point one of the prettiest dive sites around Phuket. Visibility is somewhat variable here but on good days the sunlight pouring through the clear water lights up the true beauty of the reef.

Schools of glassfish fill in the cracks but when you sweep them aside you can find myriads of small critters like boxer shrimps, hingebeak shrimps and and hermit crabs. Schools of topical fish are everywhere including blue striped snapper, fusilier, surgeonfish, soldierfish and bannerfish.

Triggerfish and parrotfish make their presence known. Moorish Idols and sweetlips are also numerous. Large potato groupers are common around Shark Point 1, emporer angelfish are also common. Barrel spongers host packs of lionfish and large examples of bearded scorpionfish are also many in number.

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