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Koh Bon diving day trip from Khao Lak

Koh Bon diving

This week we are posting about Koh Bon diving. On Monday we detailed day trips for divers from Phuket which are only available on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Khao lak divers are lucky to have more options. Day trips go more often, on different types of boats, and are cheaper than from Phuket.

Koh Bon diving day trip schedule from Khao Lak:

(Available November to late April)

Koh Bon and Koh Tachai (2 dives).
Aurora Andaman speedboat

Koh Bon (2 dives).
Blue Marin

Koh Bon (2 dives).
South Siam 3

Koh Tachai (2 dives).
Blue Marin

Koh Bon (2 dives).
Aurora Andaman speedboat

Koh Bon (2 dives).
Blue Marin 3

Koh Bon (2 dives).
South Siam 3

Koh Bon diving day trips are for advanced certified divers only. Beginners and student divers cannot join these trips.

This is the best day trip if you want to dive with manta rays, they are pretty common (but not guaranteed) between November and April. The manta rays are attracted to Koh Bon to feed and to be cleaned at the feeding stations. The best dive site is Koh Bon plateau. Currents can be strong at times so some experience is required although all dives are guided by PADI Divemasters.

On Koh Bon’s south side the wall is covered with soft coral, sponges, sea fans and clams. Moray eels, crabs, sea snakes, octopus and cuttlefish can all be seen along with all the usual reef fish common to the area. The occasional white tip reef shark or black reef shark cruise by. It makes a good night dive when the open coral polys and reflective shrimps eyes make the wall beautifully colourful.

How to dive with Manta Rays

Koh Bon ( เกาะบอน ) Manta Ray


The best tactic to employ if a manta ray glides in to view on the dive site is to hover where you are and let the manta come to you. Chasing it is pointless, it’s much faster than it looks. If you chase after the manta, or worse still try to grab hold of it, it will probably flee and you’ll be pretty unpopular with every other diver in the water.

Maintain good buoyancy control, watch your depth and air (why do mantas always show up at the end of dives?) and just let the manta come back to you. Normally they come in once to check you out, bank away then come back for another look or to play with your bubbles.

This is such an incredible experience. Where else can you interact with nature so up close? You couldn’t go into the jungle and meet a tiger at close quarters (and live to talk about it). Marine life hasn’t grown scared of humans, when we jump in the water they come to see what we are. Be cool, don’t chase the mantas away and they could stay with you for the whole dive.

Other dive sites with manta rays

There are several dive sites in Thailand where divers can encounter manta rays, although none of them can guarantee sightings. The best are Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, two small islands just north of the Similan Islands and best reached from Khao Lak or Kuraburi.

Equally good are Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, close to Koh Lanta and reached by liveaboard from Phuket or day trip from Koh Lanta (Nov-Apr). Racha Noi south plateau, two hours boat ride south of Phuket also attracts manta rays and is the only dive site that can be dived all year round.


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  1. Samantha Santiago
    Samantha Santiago says:

    Hi, we have 5 divers who would like to go diving this week in Khao lak. Can you please give us a quote. We prefer Similan or Koh Bon. Thank you

    • Thailand Liveaboards
      Thailand Liveaboards says:

      day trip (2 dives) Koh Bon available Wed Dec 18th. 5,600 baht per diver plus park fees 700 baht per diver.
      overnight (7 dives) Similan and Koh Bon Tues-Wed 17-18 Dec. 13,900 baht per diver plus park fees 900 baht per diver.


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