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Lose weight SCUBA diving in Thailand

Lose weight SCUBA diving

SCUBA diving burns lots of calories. Dive more to eat more.

Lose weight scuba divingDid you realize that while you are effortlessly drifting over a coral reef, weightless and carefree, that you are actually burning a ton of calories.

A 175 pound (79 kg) diver will burn around 600 calories on a one hour dive. (Try this calories burned calculator for your weight).

That’s the equivalent of a 40 minute run. But on a typical diving day trip you’ll do two or three dives per day. On a Thailand liveaboard you’ll do three day dives and one 30 minute night dive. And you’ll do this for multiple days in a row. Can you imagine running for 40 minutes, 3 times per day, for a week. Your legs would be begging you to stop, you’d have aches and pains all over. But on a typical scuba dive you are weightless. You won’t even feel hot and sweaty.

So instead of going to the gym strap on a tank and go diving.

How does diving burn so many calories?

MV Andaman diningDiving doesn’t feel like a work out, it feels easy. So how does it burn so many calories?

When you first learn to dive you will be taught to breathe slow, dive slow and relax underwater. Diving should not be a cardio session. If you swim against a current you’ll get tired but you’ll also use up your air quicker.

Getting into that tight fitting wetsuit will burn a few calories, so will moving around on the boat in heavy dive gear. But the real calorie burn comes from your body thermo-regulating itself. Even small changes in body temperature force the body to work harder to maintain it’s core temperature.

Will I lose weight SCUBA diving in Thailand?

Deep Andaman liveaboard foodWhether you lose weight or not will depend on how much you eat between dives, and most divers we know eat a lot.

It is important to fuel (and hydrate) yourself adequately for all the effort your body is exerting underwater. If you try and eat your regular diet while on a liveaboard trip you’ll just be exhausted all day.

Besides, who wants to diet on holiday? Thailand has some of the most delicious food in the world, and after a day of diving you can tuck into your coconut milk curry and tempura prawns without feeling guilty. Just think how much weight you’d gain if you didn’t go diving. The more you dive, the more you can eat.

We know plenty of porky divers. But every season we see new divemasters arrive looking chubby, and in a few months they are lean as. And that’s even with eating big meals on the boat and drinking beer most nights. So yes, you can lose weight scuba diving.


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