New Liveaboard – MV Oktavia

New Liveaboard

Ok, not a new liveaboard for the Similan Islands, Oktavia has been running successfully for 3 seasons, but a new addition to the ThailandLiveaboards.com portfolio.

Why have we added Oktavia? The short answer is that we kept hearing such good things about the boat and the whole operation in Khao Lak. As we dug a little deeper we found that Oktavia does the basics very well and does somethings differently (and better) than other comparably priced boats.

  • We like the itinerary options. A choice of Similan Islands numbers 4-8 for 2 days or Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock for 3 days or Similan Islands 1-9 plus Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock for 5 days
  • We like that guests get a good night’s sleep on the first night with the boat on a mooring with the engines off, not motoring to the Similans.
  • We like that all are welcome on board. Men, women, singles, couples, old, young and also kids. Oktavia is a very child friendly dive boat. This won’t appeal to everyone but there are diving and snorkeling families out there who will be welcomed on board Oktavia in a way that they are not on other liveaboards. The owner couple of Oktavia are on most trips and in our experience this improves the level of service.
  • We like that all are treated equally on board Oktavia. Snorkelers and non divers are catered for as well as divers. There are 4 dedicated snorkeling excursions per day with snorkeling guides and snorkeling briefings. There are trips to the beach, beach football, nature walks and more.
  • We like that despite being a big boat (29.5m), Oktavia takes a maximum of 20 guests. Actually she has capacity for more but chooses not to pile ’em high. There is loads of space on Oktavia both in the cabins and on the upper deck and sundeck. Being a big, wide and heavy vessel also keeps Oktavia stable in the water.
  • We like that Oktavia is generous to solo divers/guests who want a private cabin. Oktavia charges just 33% single supplement whereas most lifeaboards charge 80-90%.
  • We like that Oktavia teaches all levels of PADI dive courses on the boat. Non divers can try an intro dive or can get fully certified as PADI Open Water. Most liveaboards do not offer PADI certification in the Similan Islands so this is a plus.

Oktavia departs from Thap Lamu pier, Khao Lak. We can arrange transfers to Khao Lak for Phuket based divers.