Advanced Open Water course Phuket

PADI Advanced course Koh Lanta

PADI Advanced course Koh Lanta

Fimbriated moray

Want to continue your scuba diving education while in Koh Lanta? We recommend the PADI advanced course. It takes just two days and is nearly all diving. OK you’ll have to read the PADI adventures in diving manual and complete the knowledge reviews at the ends of the chapters, but you wont have to go into a classroom, you can read the book on the beach.

Advanced certification (PADI or equivalent) is quickly becoming the minimum required qualification level for diving the best dive sites around the world, many Thailand liveaboards will require open water divers to get advanced / deep diver certification if they want to dive deeper than 18 metres.

The PADI advanced course from Koh Lanta takes two days with two day trips. It includes 5 dives. You must do a deep dive and a navigation dive. Then you select three elective dives from a list of options, depending on your interests. Popular elective dives are nitrox, peak performance buoyancy, wreck, drift, underwater photography and night diving.

The course price is 12,500 baht plus marine park fees. You can add an extra dive for just 900 baht.

You can combine the advanced course with other PADI specialty courses such as the Nitrox course.

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