Restrictions on diver numbers at the Similan Islands

Numbers to be limited at the Similan Islands

The Similan Islands national parks department has this month (October 2018) announced a restriction on the number of daily and overnight visitors to the Similan Islands national park. This is part of an ongoing commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the archipelago. Already some islands, dive sites and beaches are completely off limits.

We fully support this conservation effort. It will mainly effect day trippers and fewer people will help the environment and make the Similan Islands more beautiful for everyone.

Book early for the Similan Islands this year

What this all means is that you need to book early! Last minute bookings will probably not be possible this season.

From now on only 525 divers and 3,000 non divers per day will be allowed to enter the national park. (The national park includes 11 islands covering an area of 140 square km).

When booking you must provide us with passport details for the entry permit application. Please provide for each participant:

Date of birth:
Passport number:

If you already have a booking with us please forward your passport details to us as soon as possible.

Donald Duck Bay Similan Islands

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