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Similan Islands accommodation

similan islands campingLast week we went to the Similan Islands by invite of the National Park Rangers to help prepare Koh Miang (Similan Island number 4) camp site for the up coming high season.

The images below should give you an idea of what the bungalows and camp site are like.

There are 25 bungalows, 20 with air con ad 5 with just fan cooling. There are also 20 two person tents. The tents were all empty when we were there and the tourist speedboats weren’t yet arriving.

The island was pretty idyllic. But I’m not sure I’d want to stay there in high season when they camp site is full of about 90 guests plus staff. Personally I’d prefer to stay on a boat.

The Similan accommodation is notoriously hard to book anyway, it fills up well in advance.

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Similan Bungalow
Similan Bungalow
Similan Bungalow Koh Miang
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Similan Sea view Bungalow
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