Gulf of Thailand liveaboard dive sites

Turbinaria ReniformisIt’s hard to find a gulf of Thailand liveaboard. There are two small islands south of Koh Samui that are rather remote and only dived by liveaboard from Koh Samui from May to October.

Koh Kra

Koh Kra is an island about 80 nautical miles south east of Koh Samui. The island is named after the loggerhead turtle that still nest here and divers do have the chance to see loggerheads here.

A major reason to dive here is that few other divers do so you’ll probably be alone on the dive site. Coral is still in a healthy condition and apart from all the usualm Gulf of Thailand marine life it is common to see black tip reef sharks here. Manta Rays also visit this area. Visibility ranges from 5-25m. Maximum depth is 30m.

Koh Losin

Koh Losin is a further 100 nautical miles south of Koh Kra and the remoteness means clearer water and better underwater life. Visibility ranges from 10m to 30m. This is a good dive site for manta ray sightings as well as reef sharks and turtles. The island drops off to 35m and the reef is made up of coral bommies and coral encrusted rocks. Currents can be strong at times.

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