Pattaya diving

Pattaya divingThe resort town of Pattaya is just 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok making it a popular weekend getaway for Bangkok based divers. There are plenty of dive sites here and although Pattaya reef dives are not up to Andaman sea standards and visibility is lower there are still some interesting dives. Pattaya does have some decent wreck dives and is Thailand’s technical diving centre. Pattaya can be dived all year round.

Koh Sak (Horseshoe island) is 45 minutes boat ride from Pattaya and has dive sites suitable for beginner and training divers. Depths are down to a maximum of 15m, visibility can be 15m on a good day. Turtles, stingrays and moray eels can be found here.

Koh Krok makes a good drift dive when currents are flowing. Soft corals and anemones proliferate.

Shark Point at Koh Larn is famous for nurse sharks hiding in crevices on the reef. The reef drops down to 40m on the western side but most of the dive will be spent above 20m. Visibility is 5-15m. Currents can be strong.

Koh Hu Chang (Elephant Ears Island) located 1 hour sail from Pattaya has a hard coral reef with anemones and plenty of small reef fish. Western clownfish (Nemo) can be found in the anemones. Maximum depth is 15m. Currents are usually mild.

Koh Klung Baden has a fringing reef down to just 12m with hard corals, mainly staghorn. Marine life is minimal although there are some invertebrates and crustaceans on the reef.

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