South West Pinnacles dive site

South West PinnaclesSouth West Pinnacles (Hin Tung Gu) are located 4 nautical miles south west of Koh Tao and is one of the best dive sites in the area. The dive site is made up of seven granite pinnacles that rise from a maximum depth of 28m to 8m below the surface. This dive site is in open sea and as such, strong currents can run here. Visibility averages about 15m but can be as low as 5m or over 30m.Koh Phangan Dive Sites

Dive boats from Koh Samui, Koh Phangnan and Koh Tao dive here and there is a permanent mooring. Due to the strong currents this dive site is not always suitable for beginner divers.

The three pinnacles create a very nice wall dive. The rocks are coated in bushy black coral, anemones, gorgonian sea fans and sea whips. In the deeper areas there are large barrel sponges. Starfish and crinoids add colour.

Fish life includes schools of snapper, banner fish, fusilier and yellow tail barracuda. Parrot fish, trumpet fish, moorish idols, sweet lips and trigger fish can all be found here.

Away from the rocks in blue water are mackerel, trevally, dog tooth tuna and great barracuda.

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