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Khao Lak dive sites

Khao Lak divingKhao Lak is a Thailand resort area located on the Andaman coast about 100km north of Phuket. The area is quite spread out with miles of beach, much of it deserted. Khao Lak suffered terribly when the tsunami hit the Andaman coast on 26 December 2004 but the area has recovered now and is booming again.

Khao Lak is the gateway to the Similan Islands and dozens of dive centres have sprung up in the area. If you want to do day trips to the Similan Islands, Khao Lak is the best place to stay.

Many Similan liveaboards also depart from Khao Lak or, to be more precise, Tap Lamu pier which is just south of Khao Lak centre. Tap Lamu is also the location of the Similan Islands Marine National Park HQ.

As tourism and diving is the main industry in Khao Lak the area is busy from November to April and virtually empty from May to October when some hotels, bars and restaurants close for the low season.

There are some dive sites close to Khao Lak that are used mainly used for course training dives because most divers just want to go straight to the Similan Islands. There are also a few wrecks worth diving.

The Khao Lak diving season is from November to April, the local reefs are not accessible in low season and the Similan Islands national park is closed.


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