Koh Lanta diving

Lanta island dive sites

Koh Lanta divingApart from the famous Hin Daeng and Hin Muang dive sites, divers staying in Koh Lanta can also reach Koh Haa and Phi Phi Island dive sites.

Other Koh Lanta dive and snorkel sites are:

Koh Rok (Rok island) is actually two islands, Koh Rok Nai (inner) and Koh Rok Nok (outer), seperated by a narrow channel just 15m deep. The islands are uninhabited and have beautiful white sand beaches that attract daytrippers and snorkellers as well as divers.

The limestone rocks are an impressive site above water too. These are easy dive sites with a maximum depth of 20m and usually weak currents. Visibility averages 20m. The calm sea conditions and shallow depth make this a popular spot for night dives.

Coral is mainly hard coral with staghorn patches and table coral. Moray eels are plentiful. Lionfish hang out around barrel sponges. Seafans and sea whips add colour. Butterfly fish and Moorish idols are common as are Pufferfish and trumpet fish. Octopus can be seen in rock crevices. Hawksbill turtles are often seen.

Koh Ngai is a small island 11 km south of Koh Lanta Yai and dives are done around the rocks off the islands south west tip. The reef slopes gently down to a maximum depth of 17m. Hard corals colourful soft corals are in decent condition and marine life is good. Visibility can be poor as this site is close to the mainland but it makes a good scuba training site.

Koh Muk is 8km south east of Koh Ngai, even closer to the mainland. This dive site is really better for snorkeling and locals as well as tourists come here throughout the high season. Snorkelers have the opportunity to venture into the Emerald cave via a tunnel from the outside. Diving is possible though. The maximum depth is 10m. Currents are weak.

Koh Kraden is another small island south west of Koh Muk. There is a wreck here of a Japanese destroyer that sunk in 1944 following an air raid. The wreck sits in 28m of water and is broken in two halves. Fishing nets cover much of the wreck and visibility is poor below 15m so it is advisable to take a flashlight and a dive knife on this dive.

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