Palong Wall dive site

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Palong wall dive site

Black tip reef shark

Palong Wall is often the second dive on a Phi Phi diving day trip from Phuket (the first dive is usually Bida Nai or Bida Nok). The reason that Palong wall is so popular is that it’s very likely that you’ll see black tip reef sharks here.

The dive site runs along the north west side of Phi Phi Ley, north of Maya bay. The sharks are in the shallows no deeper than 10 metres.

Palong Wall is an easy dive site suitable for all levels of diver. Currents are mild and the maximum depth is 18-20 metres. Visibility is not always that good, it averages about 15 metres.

In the deeper areas of the dive site you can expect to see Kuhl’s stingrays in the sand. It’s also quite common to find turtles and banded sea kraits.

Some small swim throughs are fun to, well, swim through. The large boulders are coated with gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and some colourful soft corals. Other fish to look out for include potato grouper, emperor angelfish and harlequin sweetlips. Look around barrel sponges for lionfish and scorpionfish. If you are lucky a Leopard shark will also swim by.

For the best chance of seeing reef sharks stay in the shallows near the shelf at around 8 metres. If you are patient and just stay in one spot the sharks should come to you. Snorkelers can also see the sharks here.