Elephant Head

Similan Islands dive site

Elephant Head Rock dive site, Similan IslandsLocated between Similan Islands 6 and 7 Elephant Head Rock or Hin Pusa is named because where the rock breaks the surface it resembles a half submerged elephant. This dive site is another Similan favourite, one of the best big boulder dive sites. Elephant Head is not a dive site for beginners as currents can be strong.

There is no mooring so live boat entries are the norm. Surface conditions can be choppy so quick descents are advisable before the current takes you away from the site. Elephant Head is a deep dive. It’s possible to follow the boulders down past 50m but 35m is deep enough for most divers.

Elephant head rock has some of the best swim-throughs and archways in the Similans, created by the huge granite boulders jumbled on top of each other. These archways are lined with soft corals and seafans and are full of marine life. Around the deep rocks you can see reef sharks and leopard sharks.

Look in the sand for purple fire gobies who like the deep water. Coming shallower as you start to weave through the swim-throughs and up the valleys look under ledges for nurse sharks. It’s a good idea to have a torch on this dive to search in the darker areas and to bring the soft coral colours to life.

Emperor angelfish and imperial angelfish swim around the boulders. Lionfish hunt their prey and sweetlips shelter. Look out for the Andaman sweetlips which is only found in this part of the world. Parrotfish and titan triggerfish are always busying themselves.

A green turtle is often seen in the hard coral garden at 18m. Bowmouth guitarsharks have also been seen here but they are a rare sighting for lucky divers. The exposed nature of this rock also attracts Manta Rays. Towards the end of the dive check out the long horizontal crack in the large main boulder which is home to small whitetip reef sharks.

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