Mooring Rocks

Similan Islands dive site

Nudibranch on Mooring Rocks dive site, Similan IslandsAnother popular night mooring is opposite Donald Duck Bay to the south of Koh Bangu (Similan Island number 9) and is called Mooring Rocks or Mooring Bay. Like Donald Duck Bay this is not the best day dive in the Similans but it is a good night dive.

There are two large coral bommies that are home to vast amounts of marine life and they twinkle orange as divers shine their torches over the millions of shrimp eyes. Other fish to look out for on night dives are sleeping parrotfish, lionfish and scorpionfish.

Turtles are common at this dive site too and are very friendly to dive boats and snorkelers because they have become accustomed to being fed scraps such as banana.

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