Sharkfin Reef

Similan Islands dive sites

Sharkfin reef. Moray eelAbout 500m north of Boulder City, Sharkfin Reef is the alternative last dive of a Similan liveaboard trip and it’s basically part of the same submerged rocky ridge. At low tide the rocks break the surface of the water to resemble a shark fin. It is also a good site for spotting larger pelagic fish. Bumphead parrotfish, Napolean Wrasse and Leopard sharks are all here and manta rays pass by too.

Sharkfin reef is like two different dive sites and could be dived more than once. On the northeastern side is a sloping reef of hard corals and on the south west the boulders drop off into deeper water. Swim throughs make natural passage ways from one side to the other.

The northeastern reef has the more prolific marine life. Look out for smaller stuff in the sand rumble between the coral patches. Leaf fish are seen here as are blue ribbon eels. Nudibranchs are numerous and a good divemaster will be able to point many out to you.

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