Snapper Alley

Similan Islands dive site

Snapper Alley Similan Island dive siteLocated to the south east of Koh Bangu (Similan Island number 9), Snapper Alley is an easy dive suitable for all levels of diver. Currents are rarely strong and the maximum depth is around 20m. Visibility is good, up to 30m.

The reef is made up of rocks and coral outcrops scattered around a sandy bottom. Some of the larger rocks form swim-throughs in the shallower areas around the middle of the dive. Coral includes some fine table and plate corals as well as brain coral. Christmas tree worms and crinoids at colour to the coral as do the hundreds of anthias. Sea fans protrude out from the rocks.

Blue spotted sting rays can be seen in the sand. So can colonies of black spot garden eels. Reef sharks and leopard sharks are occasionally seen deeper.

Of course the reef is full of snapper, thousands of them, including big schools of blue striped snapper and smaller groups of checkered snapper and black and white snapper. Damsel fishes are everywhere as are butterfly fish.

Snapper Alley makes an excellent night dive when divers can spot moray eels free swimming, lionfish and sleeping parrotfish. Painted rock lobster and decorator crabs, not often seen in the day are usually present on night dives. Octopus are seen by day and night as are cuttlefish who are often together in pairs.

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