Similan Islands dive site

Blue Spotted Sting Ray, Stonehenge, Similan IslandsLocated directly north of Koh Miang (Similan Island number 4), Stonehedge is named after the towering rocks that rise from depths of 25m and below. The maximum depth is 40m and currents can be strong at time.

Liveaboard tourleaders should be able to dive dives so that the currents are manageable for less experienced divers but this is a dive site where there is more to see deep than in the shallows so air hogs may find this a short dive.

The valleys between the large rocks are lined with soft corals and gorgonian seafans. Look for ornate ghost pipefish in the seafans.

Large barrel sponges stretch out from the sides of rocks and are often home to lionfish and bearded scorpion fish. Anemones exist symbiotically with clown fish here. Angelfish and butterfly fish are numerous.

Leopard sharks are seen in the sand at depth. Lucky divers have also seen a shovel nosed ray here. Barracuda patrol the blue water. Dog tooth tuna and bluefin trevally make darting strikes on helpless bait fish.

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