Scuba Insurance Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance that includes coverage for SCUBA diving. Or separate travel and diving insurance.

We like World Nomads who are also recommended by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Travel Fish because:

  • Policies are available to citizens of 140 countries.
  • You can sign up online from anywhere in the world, even if you are already travelling.
  • You can extend your policy while you are traveling if your plans change.
  • Most importantly, you can claim online while you are still travelling.
  • You get 24/7 assistance.
  • SCUBA diving and other sports like kayaking, surfing, kite boarding and cycling are covered. Check carefully for inclusions and exclusions. Here is a list of covered adventure activities.

SCUBA Insurance Travel InsuranceWhy get travel insurance for Thailand?

While we consider Thailand a very safe country it has had, within recent history, a tsunami, SARS, bird flu and a couple of military coups.

Accidents can happen. A travel insurance policy is cheap compared to an international hospital bill. (Phuket has excellent international hospitals).


Why diving insurance?

Hyperbaric chamber PhuketDiving related accidents are rare but when they happen they can be serious. Phuket has three hyperbaric chambers and the dive boats all carry emergency oxygen. The evacuation procedure from boat to hospital is very efficient. But recompression chambers are expensive.

A typical US Navy Table 6 treatment in a Phuket hyperbaric chamber costs about US$ 4,000, and you may need multiple treatments. That’s not including all the associated costs of hospital care, medication, transport and so on.

Most Thailand dive boats cover divers for these costs on their insurance policies but these policies require you to pay first and claim back later. They also do not cover repatriation to your home country or follow care in your home country. So it’s preferable to have your own insurance that will get you treatment quickly and repatriate you if required.