Phuket diving weather

April weather

Phuket diving weather in April

April is normally hot and dry in the early part of the month and hot and wet in the last two weeks of the month as the season on the Andaman sea side of Thailand begins to change from the south west monsoon to the north east monsoon.

This signals the start of the low season in terms of tourist arrivals and diving. When the rain comes it is a relief from the heat. The best place to escape the heat is on a boat but beware of sudden storms.

The Thai New Year Songkran water festival on 13 April signals the change in the season, after Songkran wind and rain is possible at any time.

Similan liveaboards run until the end of the month, speed boat tours to the Similan Islands also stop as May approaches.

April is still an excellent month to dive on the good weather days.

Average high: 33ºC/91ºF
Average low: 25ºC/77ºF
Average rainfall: 163mm/6.4″

Similan Islands Lion fish


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