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Bali Komodo Diving

Bali Komodo Diving

May to October is the time of year when Phuket Divers like to head away on holiday to dive.
Some dive staff head off to Koh Tao to work, some move to the red sea. Increasing numbers are taking advantage to the cheap flights between Phuket and Bali and going to dive around Bali and Komodo.

Several liveaboard boats that operate in Thailand’s Similan Islands from Nov-Apr are now plying their trade in Komodo. Black Manta, Queen Scuba, Mermaid 1 and Mermaid 2 are all now sailing under an Indonesian flag.

Reports back from the Komodo diving this year have been excellent. One friend’s comment was “beg, borrow or steel the money for a trip but whatever you do go, I saw everything I wanted to see.”

My favourite spot has to be Horseshoe Bay in Rinca Island. It’s got great divesites like Cannibal Rock and in between dives you can watch dragons on the beach or snorkel with dolphins.

July-August is also a good time to see Mola Mola around Bali. They can be seen on Bali daytrips at Nusa Penida among other places. I also love the Liberty Wreck dive at Tulamben, just metres from the beach.