Waow liveaboard in Komodo

Komodo Diving

Komodo diving

Mola MolaSo the Thailand liveaboard season is over for another year until next November. So where to dive between now and then? There are so many great dive destinations within easy reach of Phuket divers. We are a couple of short flights away from either Sipadan, the Philippines, Bunaken, Lembeh Strait or Tioman Island. However if liveaboard diving is your thing I suggest jumping on a flight to Bali and embarking on a liveaboard to Komodo.

Last season every trip saw manta rays and every trip saw reef sharks. Add those to all the critters that are so common in Indonesian waters like pygmy seahorse, spanish dancers, rhinopias, stargazers, bobbit worms etc etc and it’s no wonder that everyone raves about Komodo diving. Many trips saw dolphins (on the dives!) and mola mola.

As well as diving you’ll also see Komodo Dragons up close on Komodo Island.

The best time to dive Komodo is May to October.