Koh Tachai diving / เกาะตาชัย

Koh Tachai diving

Spotlight on Koh Tachai diving

Koh Tachai diving has always been a favourite of the Thailand liveaboard dive pros as well as holidaying divers. It is not always an easy place to dive because currents can be wicked but it is worth it if the pelagics are there.

Koh Tachai lies 25km north of Koh Bon, about 60km from the Similan Islands and eighty minutes fast speed boat ride from Khao Lak. Koh Tachai can be reached by day trip diving/snorkeling speed boat from Khao Lak or by liveaboard dive boat.

Koh Tachai plateau is a great dive with manta rays and sharks, beautiful corals, anemonies and sea fans. If divers stop looking upwards for manta rays they can also find ribbon eels, frogfish and numerous flavours of nudibranchs. Leopard sharks are also common. Currents can be fierce and it is often necessary to hang on to the fixed mooring line for descents and end of dive safety stops. Diving at Koh Tachai often requires slowly weaving your way around the rocks looking for shelter from the current.

There is also an easy and shallow reef off Tachai island’s east coast that makes for excellent snorkeling and a nice safe night dive location when currents are too strong on the plateau or pinnacles for safe night diving.

Koh Tachai is now also very popular with snorkelers who like to see the baby reef sharks near the shore and enjoy what is one of Thailand’s best beaches.

Koh Tachai falls within the Similan Islands Marine National Park remit and park entrance fees are payable.

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