Phuket diving weather

November weather

Phuket diving weather in November

November is a good month for diving Phuket weather wise although it’s normally a bit early for the big pelagic sightings. Manta rays start to be seen by the end of the month, whale sharks are often not seen until after Christmas but these days it’s getting harder and harder to predict. The Similan and Surin Islands national parks are now officially open.

Bright sunshine and clear skies are to be expected. The wind can blow a bit strongly in November which comes as a surprise to divers who booked for November expecting perfect conditions. Phuket and Khao Lak day trip dive boat rides can be a bit bumpy in the mornings but the wind normally subsides by early afternoon. Evening rain showers are still quite common in November.

Most Thailand diving guides talk about the Thailand Andaman sea dive season as being from November to April and this is partly accurate but November to April is really the tourist high season. Experienced Thailand divers know that the best months to be here are after Christmas, from about mid January until mid April.

Average high: 30ºC/86ºF
Average low: 24ºC/75ºF
Average rainfall: 208mm/8.2″

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