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PADI Specialty dive courses

PADI Digital Underwater Photographer manualTaking a PADI specialty course is a great way to learn new skills and practice the type of diving that you prefer. If you love the idea of diving deep then the Deep Diver Specialty will teach you the necessary skills to dive deep safely. During the wreck specialty a qualified PADI instructor teaches you the skills particular to that type of diving. There is a long list of specialty dive courses to choose from and with each course you will be learning under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.

Some of our favourite specialty dive courses are:

PADI Enriched air Nitrox Diver.  Nitrox can extend your bottom time, reduce your surface intervals and leave you less tired after multiple dives. The dive sites around Thailand are ideally suited to nitrox and it’s available on many of the liveaboards.

PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty. By learning just a few techniques you can drastically improve the quality of your underwater images. Even a basic point and shoot camera can produce beautiful photos.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty. Improve your buoyancy and everything else improves. You’ll use less air on a dive, feel more relaxed and take better photos. You’ll be safer to yourself and to the delicate corals around you.