Whale shark with South Siam


Diving with whale sharks in the Andaman Sea

The Thailand Andaman sea diving season has only just begun and plenty of divers have already seen whale sharks! We’ve had reports back from 3 different boats in the last week of whale shark sightings in Similan, Surin and south at Hin Daeng. Normally we would consider November too early for whale shark sightings but it seems like nowadays big fish sightings are possible at any time.

The first boat to report a whale shark sighting was Diva Andaman, they saw it at Richelieu Rock which apart from being Thailand’s best dive site is also the most likely place to see whale sharks.

Next up were Scuba Explorer and Pawara but Pawara got the photographic evidence (no proof no glory) of their sighting at Elephant Head Rock dive site in the Similan Islands.

Whale shark Nov 2014

Nov 2014

Finally Diva Andaman reported another whale shark, this one in the south Andaman sea at Hin Daeng. This time they got a photo.

whale shark at Hin Daeng