Similan Islands park ranger

Similan Islands accommodation

Similan Islands accommodation

For divers who want to stay at the Similan Islands, a liveaboard is really the only option. There is accommodation on Similan Island number 4 but there are no facilities for SCUBA diving, no dive centre or tank filling station.

Snorkelers can stay overnight in tents and bungalows maintained by the national parks department. At time of writing we are only able to offer camping packages and these are often full many months in advance.

National Park bungalows and tents

The national park hq on island number 4 (koh Miang) maintains about 20 bungalows and a similar number of tents right on the edge of the beach. This is the cheapest Similan islands accommodation.

Similan Islands accommodationThey are pretty basic but ok for a night or two and when the day trippers have departed it’s pretty idyllic on the island. Accommodation is available from November to April and are booked as part of a tour that includes speedboat transfers and meals on the island. (It is theoretically possible to book the accommodation yourself on the national park website but when you try it you’ll realise why no one does).

There are no roads, cars, motorbikes, shops, bars or restaurants on the island, it’s a really great escape. However you will not be completely disconnected, there are two mobile phone antennas at the Similan Islands so you will be able to make calls and connect to the net if you feel the need. There is no dive centre on the islands so these accommodations are not suitable for divers.

Similan Islands bungalows

There are twenty wooden bungalows on Koh Miang (Similan Island 4) which are run by the national park rangers. Some are basic wooden fan bungalows, others are nicer (but still pretty basic) air conditioned bungalows. Bungalows must be booked directly through the national park office.

Similan Islands bungalowsAll meals are provided by the national park canteen on island number 4. There are no bars or restaurants on the Similan Islands, you cannot buy beer. There are no cars or motorbikes, no roads, just a few walking trails through the beach forests. There is a small national park shop selling souvenirs and snacks but not much else, you should take what you need with you. Also, you should take a torch in case you go for a walk through the island to haad lek in the evening. Otherwise you’ll be treading on lots of hairy legged crabs.

Staying overnight in the Similan Islands is an idyllic experience. Once the day trippers depart (and before they arrive the next day) you have a small island paradise to yourself.

Similan Islands camping

The Similan Islands national park maintains about 20 tents on island number 4 (Koh Miang). Each tent can accommodate two people. Staying in a tent is the cheapest way to stay overnight in the Similan Islands.

similan islands campingA camping package includes tent accommodation, speedboat transfers to/from the Similan Islands and meals in the national park canteen on the island. Floor mats, pillows, sheets and mosquito net are provided.

Facilities are basic but that’s camping. Enjoy the nature and the sound of the sea lapping the beach just a few metres away. It’s especially idyllic in the evening when the day trippers have left and in the morning before they arrive.

During the day guided snorkeling excursions are provided.

If tent accommodation is too basic for you there is also an overnight boat that moors just off the island and has air conditioned cabins. Cabins are twin sharing.

The Similan Islands camping site is open from November to April each year. There is no camping available from May to October. Campers cannot pitch their own tents. Bookings are possible from up to three months in advance. Book early to avoid disappointment.

There are no bars or restaurants other than the national park operated canteen. Alcohol is not permitted in the national park camp site (although we’ve never seen this enforced). There are no shops apart from a small convenience store run by the national park which sells souvenirs, snacks, sun screen and other bits and pieces. There are two mobile phone antennas in the Similan Islands so you should usually be able to get a connection. The Royal Thai Navy maintains a small outpost on island number 4.

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