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Scuba Review

Scuba Review

  • Scuba Review Pool only: 2,500 baht
  • Scuba Review on a 3 dive day trip: 4,900 baht
  • Scuba Review on a liveaboard: Please ask

scuba review phuket


We recommend a scuba review (sometimes called a refresher dive) if it’s been 6 months or more since you last dived. We can arrange to do it just in a swimming pool, on a diving day trip or as the first dive on a liveaboard. Increasingly many of the the local dive boats are insisting on a scuba review for divers who haven’t dived in a long while. And it makes sense. When you join a dive boat you will be grouped with other divers and it’s not fair on them if you have issues underwater because you are out of practice. It’s not a dive guides job to teach you how to dive again, their job is to spot all the cool stuff underwater and show it to all the divers in their group.

A Phuket scuba review in the pool lasts a few hours while your instructor reacquaints you with the dive equipment, helps you with your weighting and buoyancy and refreshes the basic skills like mask clearing and regulator recovery. You will have time to practice any skills that you feel need a little sharpening.

A Phuket scuba review on a day trip dive boat can be done at Racha Yai Island, Racha Noi Island or Phi Phi Islands. En-route to the dive site your PADI Instructor will show you the equipment and go over dive theory with you. The first dive will start in a shallow area with a sandy bottom where you can practice the basic skills and adjust your buoyancy before heading deeper to explore the reef.

Different liveaboards have different policies regarding scuba reviews. Some will ask you to do a refresher dive as the first dive of the trip. They charge up to 1,500 baht for that dive. Some boats include a check dive free of charge as the first dive. It really depends on circumstances, if you have 1,000 logged dives but haven’t dived for a year you will not be required to refresh but if you did your open water course 6 months ago and haven’t dived since those 4 dives you definitely need a review. Other liveaboards will require that you do a refresher before joining the boat (or else pay for a private divemaster). As many of the liveaboards depart in the evening it is possible to do a day trip dive with scuba review and then join the liveaboard on the same day.

scuba review